Zarya System

The Zarya System is about 20 light years from Viking. The year is 75000 AD.

The Confederacy’s Report on Zarya


The following excerpts are from the audio track of a vid developed by a private tweener academy in Gagarin.

“We live in Gagarin, the oldest city of Zarya. Salyut is where the Primes made their first settlement in 73087, because it was the only Zaryan habitation where naked-human life was possible (Mir’s terraforming was not completed until 73512). Life was difficult for the early settlers, who needed to use oxgyen breathers until the ammonia could be precipitated out of the atmosphere, but surface temperatures and pressures were tolerable. . .

Gagarin is still the capital city of the Northern Polar Combine, although the Council of Worlds relocated to Nuevos Principios on Voskhod during the ’Roid Revolt of 73895 . . .

Salyut is divided into three great nations: the Northern Polar Combine, where you live, the Southern Republic, and the Troglodyte Imperium. All three send representatives to the Council of Worlds…

All the major moons of Vostok are now inhabited. Voskhod, by far the largest, now houses the Council, and is home to many of the great corporations of Zarya, such as Timebinders Insurance and Cometary eXpeditions. New Disneyworld XXIII is located on Mir. Zond is a quiet world whose famous tunnel-farms export Terran biostuffs throughout Zarya…

Vostok’s moons hold only 9 billion of Zarya’s 11.5 billion people. The remainder live in the polar regions of Venera, in the ’Roid Republics, and in the scattered settlements of the cometary belt.


The site of what is apparently the second major act of sabotague in Zarya, a devastating plague which hit early in June of 75,000, shortly before Captain Chen’s Confederacy Ship arrived to begin rescue operations.

It developed that the plague had been engineered decades before it hit, and was triggered when Voshkod’s time broadcast hit a predetermined date and time. It would have taken several major technological innovations to design the bacteria, which has frightening implications.


Victim of terrible sabotage which has left much of the moon without power, and the system in danger of a shortfall of food production.

Zarya System

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