Take Two

The Take Two Universe is an experiment in RPG style. There are two major story arcs which may or may not intersect, which take place in a single, system-spanning, universe. Play is divided between the major characters involved in those plotlines and minor characters who appear in vignettes, and may never be seen again.

The premise is that, in the 76th Century, scientific advancement has gone about as far as it can go. Quantum black holes have been harnessed to generate power, bio-engineering and nanotechnology have transformed humanity, and the natural cycle by which cultures grow and collapse is well understood.

The one ‘wild’ factor is Faster-Than-Light (FTL) travel. FTL ships are the only remnant of a mysterious race of aliens who lived over 500,000,000 years ago. There are perhaps a thousand such ships in existence, and they are the sole property of the Confederacy.


The Confederacy
The Harmonizers
Zarya System
Viking System

Story Arcs

Many of the initial vignettes take place in the Zarya system, where an act of sabotage endangers the system’s ability to feet its people.

The Rescue
This story arc begins in the Zarya system, after the destruction of two of Zond’s orbital towers, which jeopardized the ability of that system to feed itself. The PCs are among the rescue workers which the Confederacy recruited.

The Expedition
The Sledmen of Opportunity have found some ancient artifacts, presumably from the same alien species which produced the FTL enabling hulls which the Confederacy controls. Fearing that the Confederacy would seize it without giving them recompense, they secretly contacted allies who would be more likely to give them a fair share of whatever treasure is found.

Take Two

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