The Short Expedition Through The Underdark

In 1885, Reginald Short lead an expedition into the Underdark to collect a menagerie, which he proposed to present to Queen Victoria in celebration of her Golden Jubilee. These pages chronicle that expedition.

Members of the Expedition

Reginald Short (deceased)
        Leader of the Expedition, crushed under a rock when the gargoyles attacked the party outside of Alberta.
Sir Richard Battenburgh (kugelblitz)
        Expedition’s big game hunter.
Dr. Clyde Smythe (ednoria)
Alexander Gilmore (edwardstanford)
        Ship’s engineer and valet to Sir Richard.
Jimmie Doohan
        Ship’s engineer.
“Gwendolyn Guest” (LM)
        alias Margaret Cahill. Expeditions photographer, and journalist for “The Truth”.
Leonard McCoy (deceased)
        Expedition’s surgeon, he died tragically before the expedition got to New Zealand.
Porter Boone (Chickenhat)
        Expeditions surgeon, replacing Mr. McCoy. He joined the expedition in Calcutta.
        Ship’s cook and crewman.
“K” (JH)
        Leader of the Maori bearers, and the only one amongst them to speak English.
Five Maori Bearers

The Underdark Chronicles

The Underdark Almanac

Gwen’s Pen

The Short Expedition Through The Underdark

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