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The Citizens and Troubleshooters of Alpha Complex


  • Lews-R-AOL, played by JH
  • Billy-R-DOL, played by JS
  • Xon-R-ATE, played by kugelblitz
  • Pie-R-MID, played by ednoria
  • Pi-R-SQR, played by edwardstanford


  • Teela-O-MLY, video heroine
  • Peela-O-MLY, not a video heroine
  • Brian-O-HAL, talk show host
  • Mark-O-MLY, security guard
  • Paul-Y-SHR, security guard
  • The Vend Bot
  • The Scrub Bot

The Missions

Session I: Bot Buddies
Lews, Billy, Xon, Pie

Good morning, Citizen, and what a gloriously happy day it will be today. You’ve just been promoted to Red Clearance. You are now a Troubleshooter for the Computer.

Please stop by the Armory and pick up your weapon…

Session II: Smile for the Camera
Lews, Billy, Xon, Pie, Pi

Welcome Citizen! What a glorious day this will be! Pi of sector SQR, you have been promoted to Red Clearance … here’s your laser.

Please find the enclosed work order and subsequent information and complete in a timely manner. You will need to take a team of 5 with you on this mission to clean up after a fire in Sector 12-B.

How convenient, there is a group of troubleshooters who would be more than willing to help you on your mission to serve the Computer in the hallway here. They don’t LOOK dangerous…

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