Quotes from DianeCon 52

“For the Emperor, I’ll do anything.”

“The Nuns are beating off the Orcs.”

“It was the sound of thousands of Demon crystals shrieking in anguish and then being silenced.”

“I open the airlock and suck them all to me.”

“Someone’s tried to kill us. We’re getting somewhere!”

“Black. It’s the color of human blood when the blessing of the Emperor has departed it.”

“Wise Old Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a chrome bumper?”

“It clung to me. It’s sticky. It’s sticky food.”

“Her face is demented.”

“No teabagging until I’m dead, dude.”

GM to Player: “You’re dead.”
Everybody except Player: “Yayyyyyy!”

GM at one table: “Would anyone like me to go over the Warhammer 40K background in general?”
Player at a completely different table: “I would.”
GM, getting up and handing the Player a background sheet: “Here, read this.”

Player 1, as Player 2 prepares to attack: “You’re from my District!”
Player 2: “That’s right! We were on the bus together. You snore.”

“I want to put a space magnet on his space compass.”

“No, he’s not moaning enough, that can’t be right.”

“He pops me all the time. And that wasn’t even in the game.”

Player 1: “Dice are like Jello. There’s always room for dice.”
Player 2: “I thought you were going to say you could smear them on your body and lick them off.”
Player 1: “That’s true, but that’s only for adult entertainment.”
Player 3: “Don’t touch my dice!”

“Of course he’s wearing a cloak, he’s the bad guy! Why can’t they wear for once, oh I don’t know, flip-flops?”

“You can still run if your leg is broken, evidently.”

“We’re running away from the three bears! We’re Team Goldilocks!”

Player 1: “It’s another case of the District keeping a young bear down.”
Player 2: “They don’t deserve to drink at the same water fountains we do.”

“What, you mean bows are better against the bear than 18-year-old-fists?”

“Bears don’t get bennies.”

GM: “There is an entrance here, and an entrance here.”
Player 1: “There is no exit.”

“The first rule about stealth with a penguin is that you don’t talk about stealth with a penguin.”

“Maybe if you grew up in a better District you could have better dice.”

“I will betray myself!”

“My dead character kills people.”

“I lost my Smite button.”

“He’s a female. His lesbian senses are seducted by you.”

“I want to form an alliance with the bear.”

Player: “I’m gonna punch a bear!”
Player, much later: “I will punch the bear eventually.”

“I’ve only had small Vigor characters.”

“I’m being mauled by a bear. I want other people to be miserable.”

GM, working through combat order: “Aces… Kinks…”

GM, still working through combat order: “Next Queen.”
Player 1: “That would be Player 2.”

“Oh god oh god my leg oh god.”

Player: “Kill it for me! Kill it for me! It’s scary! It ate my leg!”
GM: “OR…”

Player 1: “Player 2, I’m seducing your son — daughter — child.”

“I’m roleplaying. I have character motivations.”

Player 1 (with spear): “You’ve got a point there.”
Player 2:“No, YOU’VE got a point.”

“We can make it through this together, hot 18-year-old boy. giggle

Player 1 (after Player 1’s son tried to bribe Player 2 with cookies): “Hey Player 2, I’m breeding!”

Quotes from DianeCon 52

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