Iron GM Pumpkin Dungeon

At Origins 2004, Steve Jackson Games ran an event called “Iron GM”. The idea was to pick three random GURPS books, hand them to a GM, and give them a couple hours to come up with a campaign. The rest of the people in the event played what the GMs came up with. Kugelblitz did this and won — the books he got were GURPS Hellboy, GURPS Magic Items 2, and GURPS Traveler (I think).

Naturally, we decided we’d make him do it for the Pumpkin Dungeon that year. We each chose three books, and then diced to see which would make it. We were nice, though — instead of two hours, we gave him two weeks.

The Books

GURPS Swashbucklers, GURPS Time Traveler, GURPS Shapeshifters

The Characters

The characters werei both Musketeers and Fables.

  • Monsieur Jacques d’Tout-Travaux (Chickenhat)
    Monsieur Tout-Travaux is a man of Science and this is the age of Reason. I have, of course, my own laboratory and planetarium. My studies have neither proven nor debunked the so-called heliocentric theory of Copernicus, but several other charlatans have been investigated and put in their place. Fellows such as deBergerac himself have graced my lens with their presence… <thup-thup-thup> tonight, in fact. Of course, should I be contacted by the officers of His Majesty I will answer with utmost haste.
  • Monsieur Reveille (ednoria)
  • Monsieur Thomas Thibault (LM)
    Became a soldier, distinguished myself in the campaigns, served as a musketeer, distinguished myself again, married well and retired.
  • Monsieur Puissant du Bootes (JH)
  • Monsieur Bachanal (edwardstanford)

The First Night

Iron GM Pumpkin Dungeon

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