Favorite Quotes

Don’t worry, we can still screw this up.

Never argue metaphysics with a mystic.

Don’t worry, where baby? —simplesimonsez, via ?

DON’T TOUCH MY DWARF! —ednoria, via Mariam

You know it’s a good bachelor party when you level when it’s over. —kugelblitz

“Follow my lead!”

Spanked by a dead sensei…

A gold mine is just a hole in the ground with a Balseraph at the top.

Wait… what?

I don’t think he comes here for the roleplaying.

It is a cold morning and you are far from home. —Chickenhat, via Ash

Stay alert. Trust no one. Keep your weapon handy. —JH, via Kai?

Show me on the hobbit where the paladin touched you.

Your approval fills me with shame.

I am one and you are only seven! —Kugelblitz, via Zenaniel

You suck.

Wait, I almost understood that. Are you sure you’re a Dragon? —buckleyj?, via ?

Nothing says they’re out to get you like “Be prepared to roll some dice next week.”

And the Malakite said, “It’s just a bunch of bitch-slappin’ until somebody starts singing.”

Gold isn’t everything, but it’s what we measure everything with.

It’s rarely productive to torture children. They usually don’t know anything. —simplesimonsez, via ?

Fire is cleansing.

Besides, I’m a Mercurian. I look good with birdshit on my head. —JS, via Shilom

Vecna Vecna Vecna! —ednoria

Could we decide it is enough of an emergency to tell the truth? —edwardstanford, via ?

Dwarves don’t love gold, they just say that to get it into bed with them.

Honor is hard! —buckleyj, via the Shosuro

I’m coming as fast as I can, but there’s a lot of color text to get through. —ednoria

“I throw the dead spearman down the stairs.”
“There aren’t any.”
“There are now.”
—Chickenhat and kugelblitz

Gold gold gold gold gold gold gold gold…

Don’t blame me. I didn’t write your backstory.

“I twisted my ankle!”
“You better start running now.”
—Chickenhat and buckleyj

This is the part where I stare at you until you do what I tell you to do.

“Why, are you going to kill both of them?”
“Don’t dawdle.”
—ednoria and Chickenhat

“That doesn’t shock me.”
“That’s because you weren’t grappling with one.”
—buckleyj and robertbroughman

Rokugani do not love death. They just say that to make it come faster.

Swords are sharp!

Favorite Quotes

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