Dream Team

by LM

Our Story so Far

On the morning of March 28, in the city of Columbia, Maryland, one Lorraine Wajda woke up, stumbled to her computer, and sent off an e-mail to an address she’d never known before.

On that same morning, one Dale Donovan, of Silver Spring, Maryland, woke up, turned off his radio alarm clock (in the midst of an advertisement for Hooters bank), and dialed an unfamiliar phone number. He hung up in the midst of the recorded message, and sent off an e-mail to an unfamiliar address.

At the same time, in Baltimore, Maryland, a patient awoke in a hospital-like room, much to his astonishment and that of the nursing staff…


The initial run introduced a research scientist, an amnesiac, and two other ‘just plain folks’ who were united by the shared dream.

The second run introduced a paranormal researcher (with a ‘night job’ of sleep technician), and obliquely referenced a successful infotech entrepreneur.

With this array of characters, the game will primarily focus on investigation and mystery solving. Future characters should be able to function in this environment, and should be connected either to one or more of the existing PCs or to the ‘Iceman Awakes’ plotline.

Policemen, private investigators, and general adventurers could probably be fit in as well, or you can take a look at some other current events (related and otherwise) for inspiration.

The World

The world of 2014 is not terribly different from the world of 2004. Technology has advanced some. The rich got a little richer, the poor got a little poorer, toys got a little cooler. Some of the names have changed, some have stayed the same.

In the News – March 2014


After two terms of Democratic Presidents, George E. Pataki is in the White House. Early in March the Secret Service foiled an attempt on his life (‘The Janitor’s Plot’). There is fairly high profile friction between the Secret Service, the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. The National Debt has begun to rise again, and, through the New York Times, Donald Parry has made a high profile offer to donate 1 billion dollars to offset it. New York’s Congressman Hennings (Rep) just retired, citing ‘personal reasons’.


The abduction of an American Nun in Argentina has focused attention on that countries political turmoil. Pakistan has had a bloody civil war, and the UN fears that the new regime may use nuclear weapons. The situation in Belize is getting far less news coverage, as are the elections in the EU.


The economy is thriving. Sony’s new Vision system has brought vidphones into mainstream use and made Virtual Reality gaming affordable. Biotech continues to encroach into popular awareness; many couples seek full genome counselling before marriage, the trendiest, most popular diets are customized to individual genetic profiles. Four year institutions are outrageously expensive, effectively restricted to the wealthy and those with scholarships. Many employers expect new applicants to have community college degrees. The minimum wage has been raised to $7/hour.

Science and Nature

A cave-man, discovered frozen in a glacier in November of 2013, has been successfully thawed and brought to a comatose state by a cryogenics foundation. They are not yet ready to use the same technique on medically frozen individuals, but it is expected that will change soon.

Asteroid 2003 QQ47 had its closest approach to earth, a near miss on March 21. The European Space Agency probe ‘Rosetta’ is approaching a rendezvous with comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.
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Alcor Life Extension Foundation
The Alcor Life Extension Foundation is the world’s largest and most advanced provider of cryonics technology. We are a nonprofit corporation with steady growth and financial stability since our inception in 1972. They are based in Scottsdale, Arizona, but their members live all over the world. Their mission: to preserve the physical basis of the human mind for an unlimited span of time.

Dream Team

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