DianeCon 52

Date: September 16, 2012
Place: Pyon Su Room, Stamp Student Union
Time: 11 am – 11 pm

Afternoon Session (12-4 pm)

The Quarter Quell
(Savage Worlds: The Hunger Games)
50 years before the Mockingjay…
Tributes will be chosen at random, but this year’s Panem Hunger Games come with a twist. May the odds be ever in your favor! Fast-pace miniatures, dice, and cards.
6+ seats. Chickenhat

Code Seven
(Straight Paranoia, mostly)
Shock workers of Aleph Complex, Then is your Time!
Spread the word of Brother Lenin to that Other Complex.
4-6 seats. kugelblitz

The Red Menace
(Warhammer 40K using FATE system)
In the grim dark future of the 41st century, there is only war.
An Inquisition Cadre races to prevent the summoning of a demon. Sequel to last year’s “The Red Death”.
4-6 seats. tdjewell

Evening Session (6-10 pm)

The Three Ransoms, or, The Folly of Youth
A tale of romance, betrayal, & funny animals.
Imperia, daughter of wealthy merchant Ernesto Vulpez, has always been a difficult child. Now she has vanished, and three different demands for ransom have been delivered to the family estate.
5-7 seats. JK

123 Affirmations of Devotion
The drawing rooms and salons of the House of the Empire breed not only intrigue and treachery, but also decadent romance.
Alas such games are above your station, unless you play your part well. Even a pawn, if successful, can be ennobled.
4-6 seats. JH

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DianeCon 52

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