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RPG Capsule Autobiography:

Early unconnected runs start summer 1977. Later included into prehistory. First running as a continuing milieu late summer 1978. Nearly continuous running (weekly 6-12 hour sessions) from September 1978 to June 1979. Ran some adventures during that summer. Again ran September 1979 to December 1979. Started with new players in September 1980 after spending nearly five months rewriting rules to fit world better. Ran continuously (schedules permitting) until August 1984, when the three week run occurred (ran 40+ hours a week for two to three weeks). Burned out on this campaign at that time. Several miscellaneous adventures since then.


On an Imperial quarantined planet natives explore the origins of species, the nature of gods and magic, and confront the inconsistencies of a terraformed game preserve/anthropology lab.

JH finally ended Sacaron (both the campaign and the world, I believe) in a suitably dramatic way. There is lots of interesting stuff left over from it, however, and that’s what will be going on these pages.

Recently Jeff started running a new campaign in Sacaron, set about 200 years before the old one, and that can be read about here.

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Archives from Sacaron

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